3 steps to sole salvation

3 steps to sole salvation

Let's be REAL... cracked feet ain't cute or stylish!
It's hard enough trying to find a pedicurist who is knowledgeable on how to correctly finesse feet, and won't let us go home looking for a foot rehab centre. So, we put together a quick and simple guide on how to salvage your soles and extend the life of your pedicure from home! Your feet will Thank You! 

1) For starters, are your soles deeply cracked or just dry??

Deeply cracked soles are usually a sign of Vitamin B3 deficiency or in other cases, your recent pedicure was extra invasive leaving you with severe damage. 
Taking over the counter, Vitamin B3 or B Complex helps your body to absorb more minerals that help to restore your skin's elasticity and reduce signs of dermatitis. Expect to see changes on the bottoms of your feet within 24-48 hours after taking these rich vitamins, remember to consult with your doctor first. 
Cracked Feet

2) You can buff too, just don't over kill it!

Over stimulation from a metal scraper is the reason why there is a thick crust or a yellowing over production of skin on the soles of your feet. Your body is just trying to protect itself and needs 7 days to reproduce protective skin. 
A simple fix is to trade you metal scraper for a skin safe $10 Mr. Pumice foot pumice stone from any local nail store or online, use the light purple side and lightly buff your skin ONCE a week!  
Foot Pumice Stone

3) How & what products are you using?

In a previous post we talked about mixing ratios that can be interchanged or altered based on your skins texture and needs. As many textures need more than lotion to keep them hydrated, we suggest cocktailing or layering your products to encourage longer periods of hydration and protection. 
Here are a few suggestions to maximize the use of your products: 
Butter + Lotion (Max Hydration and Lock) 
Lotion + Oil (Light Hydration and Max Shine)
Rub + Butter (Max Hydration, Shine and Lock)
Oil + Butter (Max Hydration, Shine and Lock)
We hope these 3 major tips to saving your soles helped! Have any questions, drop a line below, share with your community and subscribe for alerts on more helpful Self Care Rituals!
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