Accepting Your Manifestations!

Accepting Your Manifestations!

It's true that we usually feel guilty or shameful about receiving abundance. Whether we are receiving abundance in the forms of money, friendship, time, love, support or a helping hand.

Our mind blocks us from accepting it and in turn, moves our attention to feeling the opposite of the intended joy we should have felt from the beginning. 

I am a serial victim of this crime!

I would drive myself to the brink of beating up my body than to accept help because my mind would tell me that I shouldn't need help.
Or I wouldn't take the time to rest because my mind would be constantly racing with thoughts of work and lists to complete.
I would block love because I would think that it wasn't true and the person was playing "a game".
ALL of these things were lies and constructs of old MIND patterns. Every thought that deemed me unworthy of abundance was loops of thoughts that were projected onto me and repeated by me.


It CAN be broken and rebuilt a new!

3 habits that I used to start breaking the chain of Self Deprecating behaviours were:
1. Start Your Day Appreciating Yourself.
What are a fews things that make you happy about yourself? Say them out loud in front of a mirror after brushing your teeth. Compliment yourself. You deserve to feel good about yourself.
2. Give Yourself Permission.
In order to feel good about receiving, you first need to give yourself permission to receive. Slowly build up your feminine energy by breaking down the walls around it. We can not be in the energy of giving for so long before we realize there is nothing else left to give.
3. Give To Yourself.
What better way to feel good about receiving than to give to ourselves first. Guilt free, innocent fun and spontaneously, give to yourself what you've always wanted. This should feel like an award you have won after putting in the work to nurture yourself.

You ARE more than capable and deserving of your manifestations!

It has always my dream to work for myself on a FULL time basis. After taking the BIG leap of faith, I have not regretted it since. Yes, there have been scary moments. Yes, there have been moments of pure JOY! Yes, there have been times I wanted to give up. However, it is in those moments I realized my strength and realized how much I AM needed to be in this world sharing my gifts and talents. 

Now, I AM happy to be in my own space, feeling the freedom to create with beautiful people and offer Meditation Sessions with like minded people who want to be FREE of blockages, stand in their power and transform into their true self. I AM so glad to help people move closer to their true calling. 

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