being a woman entrepreneur at the National Women's Show

being a woman entrepreneur at the National Women's Show

Going to tradeshows is always a fun time! Meeting unique businesses, getting great deals, and spending the time to learn how to improve the quality of your life will always attract a crowd!

This year, we decided to be a vendor at this highly sought out traditional show, and it was nothing short of amazing to say the least! Being around other female entrepreneurs was very inspiring as it naturally brings about a high of excitement! Getting to learn about other brands, what got them started, what gets them going everyday as both a mother and a business owner and how they’re currently expanding. It felt like a Women’s Business Convention!

Being a shopper is always fun, but you never really understand what goes into showcasing your brand at a market or tradeshow. So, we decided to film a quick behind the scenes video of our booth set up, interacting with customers and just our overall experience in getting ready for the show!

We hope you enjoy and stay tuned because we will definitely continue to film more of our business activities, as we know it feels good knowing how and what a brand gets up to behind the scenes as they grow!




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