Feeling Safe In Your Skin!

Feeling Safe In Your Skin!

As the night skin comes in, the anxiety subsides and the tempo of your heart goes down to a normal rate. Many individuals dealing with depression, anxiety attacks, uneasiness with themselves and/or what’s happening in their environment feel restless early in the day because they don’t see a way out of the issues they are facing; and feel calm at night because they feel there's a bit of closure to towards the end of the day. This rollercoaster of emotions ultimately starts a vicious cycle of repeating thoughts of anxiety, fear, shame, and hope and little to no action taken.

It takes more than repeating mantras of positivity and keeping an optimistic mindset to make lasting change.

Being an educator and wellness coach for over a decade, I’ve always found myself speaking, guiding and mentoring individuals with a variety of health, wellness, and mental concerns. And it always drew the question; how can I be of service, what could be a solution, what are steps they can take to get through the issues they are facing?

I've gathered a list of suggested action steps that I used myself in my darkest of times and with my clients over the years of practicing healthy wellness coaching. Please Note** My suggestions are of my own opinion and experience, and I truly support speaking with a professional if you or someone you know is in a state that requires further assistance. 



Getting your thoughts, emotions, feelings out and onto paper is the best way to express your heart's desires, fears, and emotions without feeling embarrassed that someone will judge you. Free writing has been known to heal and empower because it allows expression to come through you and out of the body’s nervous system.

I personally write multiple times a day and I especially write when I’m feeling emotional because I get to see what is going on in my head from a different perspective. I even look back to previous months and years to see how I’ve changed. It’s very encouraging because no matter what has happened in the past, you have already expanded from that space and time. 

Make A List

After seeing what you’ve written, make a list of 3 things that could happen if you stay where you are, and 3 things that could happen if you make a change. This will let you see what possibilities are available to you and where you should take action to change your current situation. 

Many times the push and pull is because the universe is trying to get you to make a change and we’re resisting it.

We’ve all had to make this change within the last 2 years, forcing us to stop feeling stuck and hopeless. We all realized there was so much more we have to offer to ourselves and the world around us. 


Nature Walks - Trees


Stabilize In Nature

There is a mystical and unique experience that nature brings, we feel lifted, peaceful, enlightened and soothed. As little as 15-20 minutes in nature will calm the mind and restabilize the body’s nervous system. Which is why I always encourage myself to go for long walks without a digital device and by myself. Its grounding because of the earth and trees, it clears energy with the swishing winds and singing birds, you will instantly feel rejuvenated and attuned. 

Salt Baths

Baths are never given full credit for what it can do for the body and mind. Many individuals overlook its effectiveness due to the excuse of “not having enough time”. However, I switch a walk in nature for a steamy bath when it’s bad weather outside. The process of drafting a bath in itself already calms the body, because of the aromas of the florals, soaps, salts and more. 

Dead Sea Salt is highly recommended because of the beneficial trace minerals found in it to treat blood flow, stress levels, tight muscles plus its effects on skin. 


happy morning stretch


Recovering from anxiety, stress or depression isn’t an overnight process, it takes endurance, determination, self love and patience. One of the best ways to deal with highly charged moments is to slow down, calm the body and soothe the heart. Not everyday will be perfect but it’s the fact that you took one step, one action, and compounded it everyday after that. 

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