Harmonize Your Body & Mind through Gut Health!

Harmonize Your Body & Mind through Gut Health!

New Year, New Body Goals!!

However, this year should be different! It shouldn't be your typical "gym binge and starvation goal", but rather an internal focus on "what am I putting into my body that will yield the best outcome for me" goal!

Azadeh Razavi

Recently I had the pleasure of meeting Azadeh Razavi, a certified Homeopath  from the Nutrition House Extra in Heartland Town Center Mississauga. We went over many remarkable topics that involved the importance of gut health, food digestion, constipation and bloating. All of the issues I would encounter from time to time even though I believed my nutritional intake was on point!

Come to find out, I may need to make adjustments to my nutritional diet!

Helping customers with patchy skin, discolouration such as dark marks or brown spots, and irritated skin is what made this topic so important to me because some times topical skin care products is not always the answer to resolving an issue. Looking at your skin concerns at a deeper level can ultimately fix the issue for the long term and provide other benefits for your overall health too. 

Here are some important questions I asked Azadeh to help guide you on making the best choices for your body and other important facts! 

1) Tell us about yourself and your business : 

"I have been practicing natural medicine as a registered Homeopath, nutritionist and Iridologist for the last 13 years. I also have a PhD in Biochemistry, so I know what is happening in molecular level. 

Combining all these modalities gives me the ability to better understand the root cause of my patients' concerns.

I use natural and herbal supplements and diet to prevent future illnesses or to relieve symptoms." 


2) Why is it so important for people to understand the foods they're consuming?

"Many of our health concerns start from inflammation, imbalances or toxicity in our GUT. and What we eat and what we don't eat is a major factor."


3) What effects can certain foods have on the body/gut? 

"for example: inflammation can be the root of many health challenges. One of the main foods that can increase inflammation is Sugar. By simply avoiding Sugar ( which is not as easy as said) , you can improve your health. GMO foods are also another example."


4) What are some examples of methods, foods or supplements that can positively and negatively affect your health?

"Nature provides us with so many amazing herbal medicines. They are very effective but we need to know not every supplement is suitable for everyone.  There should be an individualized approach, based on needs and health history."


5) In your opinion, why should individuals adapt natural health products/remedies in their everyday life? 

"Holistic health is considering the body and mind as a whole and holistic medicine aims to improve the health of the entire body/mind system by targeting the root cause. To do so we are going to: 

  • Improve diet and lifestyle
  • Fortify the body that can withstand the onset of disease more easily;
  • Boosting natural healing abilities of the body;
  • Preventing various diseases and disorders;
  • Reducing stress and anxiety levels;
  • Balancing the function of the system ( Hormones, Immune System...)

    6) What recommendations do you have for people in terms of making healthier food choices? 

    "Think of non-food rewards to celebrate a good day or an achievement, instead of using food"


    7) What conditions you can help: 

  • Digestive health ( SIBO,IBS,Crohn's, colitis, indigestions...)
  • Hormonal imbalances ( Adrenal fatigue, Thyroid problem, Hormonal Acne, Hirsutism, PCOS...)
  • Metabolic disorder (Diabetes, Cholesterol, Fatty liver, Insulin resistance and weight management)
  • Inflammation

    Nutrition House Extra

     WOW! Let's just say this only scratches the surface! 

    Later this month I will be taking my nutrition test with Azadeh and posting the whole process on our social media outlets. Stay Tuned for the entire video interaction on our YouTube and Instagram channels!

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