How to normalize sleep and take of ourselves

How to normalize sleep and take of ourselves

It's September folks, and change is upon us!

So many dynamics are changing around us, from shorter days to cooler weather and more. Unfortunately, this kind of stress can negatively affect our sleep if we don't take action on our daily habits now!

Here are 3 simple ways of adapting to change in order to get the right amount of sleep and ultimately take care of ourselves.


1. Set Alarm Clocks

It may sound cliche, but alarms are the best way to distract and interrupt you mid action! Setting a warning alarm, and a hard stop alarm will bring you to the awareness that you need to stop something and move to something else.


2. Prep Your Following Day

Yes, this is even more cliche, but getting more sleep means getting organized! Prep your lunches, prep your clothes, and making a checklist of your following day will reduce the scatter brain mornings.

 self care cup of tea ritual

3. Night Rituals

Do you implement a night ritual? Winding down the day, slowing down the mind and easing the body into a sleep state is easier than you think! Start with making a soothing cup of tea, cleanse your skin using one of our 2-in-1 body scrubs then follow up repeating love mantras while applying our treatment butters. This will get your body, mind and soul in the mood for sleep having tea in bed!

Being mindful of how we start and end our day sets the tone of our lifestyle, it prevents us from having split energy, and helps us live our life with ease and flow!

Let's not loose sleep and stop taking care of ourselves because we are not setting in motion the necessary habits that reduce stress and anxiety. 

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