Meditation and Purification!

Meditation and Purification!

Happy Saturday Everyone!

Isn't it funny how life can make you feel disconnected with who you are, and put you on a whirl wind of emotions. Unfortunately, many do not deal with these mixed emotions appropriately. Through prescription anti-depressants, addictions, and erratic behavior, many choose the incorrect outlet.

Meditation has been a key factor in my life that I have practiced, developed and relied on for many years. It has kept me grounded, self aware and confident in what I want for my life. Since meditating, I have gained many other benefits that I wasn’t aware of until later such as, low blood pressure, mental stability, self love, and spiritual guidance.

I understand that some individuals find it wishy washy to sit “silently” until they “hear” something speak to them, or to listen quietly for their “inner guidance” to say something profound. But to truly understand what is your “Inner Truth”, you must possess a great deal of self reliance, self confidence and self trust, because you are learning to trust that still, small voice within you.

You can start your journey slowly by making slight changes that will make meditating easier and more effective. But it is a lifestyle change, not just a thought that “I want to start meditating because it looks cool”, and still do other toxic behaviours that are not aligned with your spiritual goals.

So here are some Step by Steps Guides to healthy purification and basic meditation:


Revert from polluting your mind with so much Social Media and TV Shows. You can never understand how you feel by ignoring your emotions and turning to a “fake reality”. Social Media is going to evidently tell you that what your going through is for losers, that your life sucks and you might need to see a doctor for some prescription drugs.


Going back to number 2, flush out your system. Drinking water may seem like a no brainer, but I don’t really see anyone posting how good their bottle of water tastes with their new magazine they picked up. LOL, but seriously – water gives your brain and body the electrical charge it needs to drive you to your goals. So respect your body enough to give it something better than Starbucks’s new frappe. Try adding flavored Vitamin C packets to your water bottles.


After completing those simples steps above, now your body and your mind may be ready to slow down a little. If you’re too high on sugars, toxic infused foods, brain washing images, you can’t possibly slow down to actually meditate the right way. So my suggestion is to start of with an assistant guided yoga class. Attending a group yoga class will allow an easier way for you to get into the mood of meditating. There are plenty qualified yoga classes around in every city at a very reasonable cost, just don’t start off with hot yoga (it’s too intense).


Be diligent and committed to scheduling some time in your day to do some of the yoga stretches. Starting your day with about 15 minutes doing a portion of the yoga stretches along with keeping your mind silent will prove to have many benefits. You will be focused on your tasks that day, you will have a positive outlook on life, you will gain confidence in how you look and feel, and you will attract abundance to you more easily.

Give yourself more credit and power to take charge of your emotions. Your meant to have emotions, your human, but your also a very powerful spiritual being who is meant to be great! SO BE GREAT! Enjoy the little things, get ride of the “not so good” things. But no matter what, take care of your body and in turn your mind will take care of you.


Keeping your mind silent means not focusing on a particular subject and letting go of chaotic thoughts. Allow yourself to breathe deeply and focus more on the movements rather than what’s coming to your mind. And try to replace those thoughts with repeating positive affirmations like, “I AM Strong, I AM Beautiful, I AM Love”. What also has been a great bonus for me, is using Chakra Candles. Certain coloured Chakra Candles help to clear the energy in rooms, adjust the aura from other individuals, and assist in balancing your mood. I've used them for years, and am so excited that they are available for purchase on the EVERBELLA shop! They are very under estimated but once you try them, you will never be in a room without them!

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