overcoming the holiday pressures!

overcoming the holiday pressures!

Holidays are infectious! From family gatherings, Christmas shopping and meal prepping, the overwhelming emotions start to stack leading to panic attacks and anxiety! 

The “go, go” makes us “go crazy”, and by learning to slow down to center ourselves and calm our nervous system, we will gain a better perspective of what’s going on and take the right actions to actually enjoy the season.

So what can we do to curb the pressure and let go of these unrealistic expectations of perfection? 

It’s called Centering and Recalibrating!


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I always take a minimum of 10 minutes to center my thoughts and come back to a still heart! Many may not see or understand how this simple act can be effective, but learning to distract your mind lowers the stress hormone - cortisol and blood pressure that is caused by an accelerated heart rate! Journaling a few minutes per day will help to center your thoughts and extract the crazy thoughts, lists and plans that you have swimming around in our heads.



My morning and night rituals regularly include a short kundalini breath meditation. This means I am stimulating my respiratory system by deeply inhaling and exhaling at a methodical fast pace, for about 3 minutes. Using breathwork to reset your nervous system helps to clear thoughts, recalibrate focus, and regulate your breathing.

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Early Sleep

As there is less daylight present in the winter season, our body naturally shuts down earlier than normal, making us feel tired and lethargic. Getting to sleep earlier, a few nights per week will help us become more productive the following day! 


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Let this Holiday Season be different from the others!

Let this Holiday Season be joyous and relaxed!

Let this Holiday Season see the best of you!


From all the staff at EVERBELLA


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