Jump starting our body for optimal skin rejuvenation!

Jump starting our body for optimal skin rejuvenation!

Our overall self-care rituals shouldn't only consist of skin care, because this being the largest organ of our body, we should actively try to stimulate it through other means like physical activity.

This type of stimulation not only helps the body to create oils and sweat that protects our skin but also activates cell turn over. In which, we will produce new skin cells that are healthy and vibrant!

With the ending of in-home captivity, this part of our daily ritual was highly neglected! So what better time to cover how you can jump start your physical activity, now that warmer weather is coming in!

Fit Life Mastery

We had the pleasure of interviewing Marco Capone, an exercise coach from Fit Life, who enjoys training individuals to hit their fitness goals but to also assist anyone who may suffer from limited body functions. 

Here are some questions that we wanted to ask a fitness coach to understand from their perspective how fitness can assist in our self-care rituals, and what ways we can consciously make it fit into our life.


1) Tell us about yourself and what you do. 

My name is Marco Capone, I'm a certified exercise coach, and I've made it my life's work to personally train people into great shape and where applicable, out of previous physical pains / dysfunction.


2) Why is fitness important?

Being in good physical condition, health, and shape has so many benefits that to list them all would be beyond the context of this. But, if I could summarize the reason why physical fitness is important, I would say that physical fitness improves every key aspect of our lives, including physical health, emotional well being, mental health, and even indirectly our financial stability.

 - WOW, what do you think, do you feel your financial stability gets affected by your fitness?? Come to think about it, whenever I was not working out, I was eating out! YES, I can agree that is a fact! 


3) What are some easy ways to jump start a person's fitness journey? 

There are a few key steps that someone should consider to jump start their fitness journey:

1) Meditate on, and write out, all the reasons why one's fitness is beneficial in their lives, and how being fit will make their quality of life better.

2) Recognize that you should feel comfortable starting with a very comfortable exercise routine and habit. Each person's exercise routine & stimulus should meet them where they're at, at that point in time. Exercise should not be overwhelming or overly intense. The intensity should match what you can reasonably perform.

3) Recognize that you can select profoundly beneficial exercises (some of which you may not currently be aware of) that can be done in the comfort of your own home, or outdoors. If commuting to a gym is a barrier for someone, that should not imply that they then cannot consistently perform an extremely beneficial exercise routine for themselves.


4) What do you feel are the most immediate benefits people will see when they adapt into a fitness lifestyle?

 Physical Conditioning, a Boost in Mood, and a Boost in Energy. Immediate strength improvements are also obvious. These are all great signs, and physical transformation is sure to follow these immediate benefits.


5) In your opinion, why should individuals adapt natural health products/remedies and fitness in their everyday life? 

As long as the application is quite accurate, implementing specific natural health products & remedies into one's life is very important. If someone has a specific ailment of any sort that they seek to remedy, and if certain natural compounds and ingredients are known to aid in healing from that ailment, then it's logical that we should utilize those natural compounds and ingredients in our lives.

-Well Said, it's not about purchasing a delicious smelling product, it's the combination of a quality product that can heal an ailment and is made from only natural compounds!


6) What advice do you have for people that want to make healthier food choices and start their fitness journey?  

You have to see different food choices for what they truly are. Healthy, natural food is beneficial to the human being. Unhealthy, processed, 'junk food' isn't just junk food. On a certain level, it is objectively destructive to the human being. Physically, psychologically, digestively. You must see food for what it really is.


7) What is a general rule of thumb that you would tell someone as they ease back into fitness?

My answer actually echoes the way this question is specifically worded. People need to think of their current training plan through the lens of what they're currently able to comfortably perform in a 'workout'. Not what they used to do five years ago, not what they did the last time they set foot in the gym before they had a hiatus. There is a key concept in training referred to as Descending or Ascending an exercise pattern. We should be selecting exercises that match our current abilities. Do not be afraid or upset about descending an exercise's difficulty to match your current ability. By descending exercises intentionally, you ironically enable yourself to seamlessly ascend the exercise's difficulty, so long as you are consistently showing up for yourself and your training as often as you should be. 


8) How do you stay motivated? 

I have clear, strong reasons for why I train. Why I do what I do. When you're clear on the benefits of doing something, it's easy to keep doing it.


Marco Capone Fit Life Mastery

Ready to kick start your self-care rituals with a splash of fitness?
Now, more than EVER is it important to make the choice!
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