redefining myself ritual + how to keep in flow with the season

redefining myself ritual + how to keep in flow with the season

The excitement of warmer weather is infectious and even overpowering because we’re eager to enjoy the laughs, great food, gatherings with friends and travel to new destinations. 

However, we tend to forget our goals, aspirations and intentions that we set not too many months ago (ie. new year resolutions)!

And so, before I get swept away in the happenings of summer festivities, I like to ground myself and set my summer intentions with a Redefining Myself Ritual

So grab a pen, some paper or a digital device, and get ready to connect with a 15 minute walk in nature!


Nature Walks | Trail Walks


Clear Your Mind

As many may feel that taking a walk in nature isn’t useful but it truly is the best way to recalibrate and clear your mind without any effort. Just simply put your phone on airplane mode and take in the sights and sounds of nature. Be sure to breathe deeply and slowly to release any pent up energy. To maximize the benefits, adding in a few stretches to unlock your tight joints will help to get the blood circulating!


Make Notes

After some time walking you’ll find yourself drifting into thought. Whether it be about the past or the present, allow your mind to travel and observe the key important thoughts that come to you, such as drinks on a patio, an afternoon bbq, your weight loss goal, a pending business plan, or a sandy beach with your kids. Quickly jot them down without criticism because later on you’ll get the chance to identify meaning to them and place them into a priority sequence that best suits your needs.


Ritual Journaling


Visualize Your-Self Completing It

Through visualization you ultimately are connecting with a higher aspect of yourself, your guides, and the universal flow. This true guidance that you are connecting with will show you how you can enjoy life while still committing to your intentions.

Now jot down the action steps that come to you in the visualization, the small pieces of the map, the emotions, the places and the words that may be said. You are being guided, so don’t over think it or judge it. Just allow it to come to you.


Just Be

Now is the time to stop and let it go, don’t push yourself because you’ll end up feeling tired or mentally worn down. It’s never a good idea to force any visions because you're not in the energy mood of receiving, and visions or true inspiration comes from an open channel that is not restricted or limited. It’s like an artist in the creation process - they're in complete free flow.


When you return home, you should feel lighter, more open to what’s to come and ready to enjoy the next few months without the added pressure of feeling like you're missing out on summer activities or the anxiety of incomplete goals.  


 Relaxing Meditation & Ritual


Just be sure to trust and follow the hits of inspiration! 

It’s your intuition guiding you towards your intentions and the list of things you wrote down and visualized. You may feel to sort your list in categories of what you can do now and what the universe is working out for you right now!


Feel free to repeat this ritual a few times over the next few weeks to empower you, provide you clarity and redefine your intentions to the universe.

Hope this ritual brings you love and light!



Your beauty starts with self-care.

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