Sexier Skin 2.0

Sexier Skin 2.0

Are you feeling the skin blues? Dry, dull or rough textured skin should not be the norm, however that seems to haunt our skin the longer winter lingers on. So how do we accomplish Sexier Skin in a few simple steps? It’s by listening to our skin needs and flipping our summer routine for a new and improved 2.0 routine.
For Starters…are you cocktailing or individually using your products?
Many textures of skin need more than a lotion to keep them hydrated for more than 24 hours in the winter. So it’s best to cocktail your products to encourage a longer period of hydration and protection.
A few suggestions:
Lotion + Oil (returning soon)
Oil + Butter
Based on how long your skin takes to dry out, change cocktails to find the perfect fit. :)
Body Brushing

Secondly… when was the last time you did a full body scrub?

Products may have a difficult time penetrating into deeper layers because there are too many layers of dead skin cells blocking it. Doing weekly or bi-weekly body scrubs sessions help to keep skins flexibility and ability to retain moisture.
A few suggestions:
Loofah + Body Wash
Cotton Pajamas

Lastly… are you wearing cotton to seal in the moisture?

After a steaming hot shower or bath, lubricating your skin is your first step, but wearing clothing that doesn’t steal moisture is recommended at night while your skin is in repair mood.
A few suggestions:
Light Material Pj’s
Having focused on skin care professionally as an educator in Medical Aesthetics for a decade, it has given me profound insight in the behaviours of skin and what it requires to maintain a healthy state prior to needing advanced treatments.
Caring for your skin shouldn’t feel like a task, and these simple suggestions will help you achieve a balanced pH, a healthy glow, and skin that doesn’t feel like sand paper every time you reach for a pen off the floor! :)
Give these suggestions a try and let us know which cocktail worked best for you!

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