Spring Skin Transitioning Tips

Spring Skin Transitioning Tips

What a wonderful change in scenery and feeling! Spring is upon us!

There is always a magical feeling in the air when spring comes around. Brighter, sunnier days, and a slightly warmer humidity! Which means, a change in our skin care routine to adjust is a must!

We put together a quick Spring Self-Care Ritual that will boost your skins needs as it transitions into the season!

1. Stimulate the deep tissue! 

Detoxifying your skin in the deep layers is just as impactful as doing a short term fasting. Steaming in a hot bath for 20 minutes using our Pink Moon Body Soak, not only opens your pores to invite healing minerals but also lightly breaks down built up callous through the use of dead sea salts.

2. Remove the dead to reveal the new!

Now is the time to get rid of old, dry and scaly skin patches. Normally your skin holds onto dead skin to protect itself in the winter, but now is the prime time to remove the old to welcome the new! Use Brown Suga Rub to exfoliate and help brighten skin as this scrubs treats discolouration and scar tissue.

3. Switch the thick for a slip!

Thick coating products helped our skin keep moisture and hydration inside. But now as warmer temperatures are here, our skin will be doing the opposite! It will be easily heating up and sweating. So using thinner layering products are much better for our skin to breathe. Try our Body Oil - L'ixirs in Passion or Coral!


Let us uncover your true beauty, starting with nurturing and simple self care rituals. 


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