taking back our hearts + lost love on our brain

taking back our hearts + lost love on our brain

It’s a question of why do I feel so much turmoil this time of the year? Is it because I once felt the joy of having a partner, but it never lasted as long? Or is it because even while in a relationship I never felt completely satiated? Once this month - February, comes around it would hit me even harder that yes, I don’t have a partner and even when I did, I didn’t feel the love that I would so much dream of! 

So I asked myself, “what am I going to do about this?”, “am I going to continue living like I’m some sort of odd ball?”.

I decided to take back my heart, from the ones I once loved, from the media telling me I’m not included, from my own mind saying it’s not possible. So this blog post is dedicated to those who are also done with those same feelings and want to reclaim themselves back!

Where do we begin my beautiful friends, we start with our mind. 

Reprogramming Our Mind | Everbella Skin

I started reprogramming my mind every night and day with audios that repeated what I wanted to believe is true - my new identity in life. I plug in my earphones and listen to this prior to sleeping and upon waking up. It is a scientific fact that playing repetitive audios while sleeping (in a theta state) will reprogram your subconscious mind, and override the “auto plays of negative associations” to love, wealth, family, food, body, etc. 

You can find a few different audios here:

 Wellbeing Affirmations

Abundance Affirmations 

Confidence Affirmations

Dr. Wayne Dyer Meditation Affirmations


Embody what you're attracting, is next.

I knew I had to become what I wanted in my partner, and it’s hard to re-identify with a new you because we tell ourselves, “if they don’t like me, too bad!”. And that’s a lie, because are you truly BEING your best self? Are there things that you can improve? Yes there is! And it’s called, STANDARDS! I decided to work on my health and my body, because I wanted my partner to embody a healthy lifestyle, and not have addictions to anything. I started working on my mind through reading and eradicating negative self thoughts and talks, because I want my partner to have a positive mind set. I started going to places I enjoy and want to experience with my partner, because I want it to feel familiar.
You can find resources here on how to start embodying a healthier version of you:

 Morning Rituals For Better Health


Claiming the day was my next step: 

My overall way of living my life had to change. I didn’t want to look at social media outlets and feel bad about myself, so I stopped looking at them!  Our goal in life is to be happy, and we can not be happy by comparing and judging ourselves to others successes and failures. So, I allowed myself to only go on certain social platforms for inspiration, support and funny jokes, videos or posts. I allotted myself 30-45 minutes, and made sure to follow up this action by looking at my vision board. This reprograms my emotion to thought patterns of what I want in my life - CLAIMING IT!

Success! Claiming The Day | Everbella Skin 

Show Up! For yourself in every way is last but not least important:

“Do you like what you're doing Mekisha?”, “Like, truly enjoy your career?” I asked myself this for almost 12 years. Being an educator at a college was a beautiful experience, because I enjoyed interacting and inspiring my students, supporting my graduates. But I didn’t enjoy the environment, and the constant “power struggle” I endured with co-workers and my employer. It was ultimately incongruent with who I identified myself to be going forward. Yes, it was a very DIFFICULT decision to leave, but my soul was yearning for change and I had to be true to my new identity. Now looking back, it was the BEST decision I ever made.
Ask yourself, is what you're doing everyday bringing you closer to your new identity or away from your identity? If not, what steps can you take each day to bring you closer to that new identity? Quitting, more learning, less hours, change of focus, how do you show up, are you following your dreams?

Please understand this is not an overnight change, this takes a relentless heart and mind. It’s a promise of love to yourself and to your future self. This takes courage and determination.

A true  knowing you deserve better and claiming it.


Healed Hearts | Everbella Skin

My suggestion is to start with one item, embody it for one week or two weeks, then stack another item on top. And before you know it, the world around you starts to shift and become brighter, livelier and remarkably different. You will see an attraction of people towards you that you have never seen before. You will start asking “why didn’t I do this sooner?”

And then beautiful soul, you will ultimately see the person you want and who you embody walk right into your life.
Thinking of You Always, as Your Beauty Starts With Self Care

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