Why morning rituals are crucial for mental health!

Why morning rituals are crucial for mental health!

We’re so accustomed to waking up quickly, grabbing a quick coffee, checking the news and driving in traffic listening to unmotivating music. 
Not realizing, that is an actual morning ritual that breeds anxiety, high blood pressure, and depression. Starting your morning with the right triggers and cues that spark creativity, positivity and appreciation for life, has long lasting effects on our mental health. 

I have adopted a morning ritual for the last 20 years of my life, not realizing how much it has helped me so many years later. Here are my 5 morning rituals that I never miss, no matter the season or emotional state I’m in.

1. 5 minute breathe work + appreciation mantra
Upon waking and before getting out of bed, I take the time to center my breathing, become aware of my body and repeat this phrase to myself. “I AM thankful I am awake today. It’s a new day. It’s a new start. Today I am able to make this day about fun, joy, happiness, my true desires and intentions.
 Meditate + Breath Work
2. Complete a 15-40 minute Meditation
Depending on my emotional needs, I choose the length and topic of my meditation. Becoming aware of my thoughts and my feelings has helped me learn how to control and direct them.
3. Energize my body with a 20-30 minute workout
I love moving my body in a variety of workouts. It’s always helped me channel my anger, sadness, laziness, and high energy. It’s a wonderful grounding method that has helped me through the toughest of times, I even found myself weeping at the end of a workout.
self love ritual - everbella
4. Treating my body with appreciation
I could live in the bathtub! I love the feeling of cleansing and purifying my skin with a quick scrub after an invigorating workout. It feels as though I’m removing the heavy energy and toxins from my aura, in fact it’s scientifically proven! Then of course following up with a quick massage on my muscles with a butter or oil, as though I’m creating a protective layer on my skin.
5. Drinking a cup of tea + gratitude writing
Slowing down to drink a beautiful herbal, floral or spice tea helps to treat you from the inside out. I’ll even spike it with a teaspoon of Apple Cider Vinegar to help balance my pH levels and regulate my digestive system.
Yes, it may seem like a lot, but I started this journey with the goal of starting my day with better ease and flow. I started out with only working out, body appreciation and tea drinking. After some time, when those rituals became systematized, I slowly stacked on the meditations and mantra breath work.

A rule of thumb that has helped me the most is to make it fun, start slow and small, prepare your mind and environment for the change, and once it becomes a habit - add another element to it.

I’d love to know what rituals you have, how you started implementing them and how you feel now that you have adopted it into your life!

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