Our Story

"I only want to use the basic ingredients to create healing products!"

It starts at the age of 13 when Mekisha realized that common drug store beauty products and conventional prescription drugs, did nothing for her skin!

Suffering from active eczema, environmental allergies and asthma, it became Mekisha’s mission to create a product that could be versatile enough to fix all her beauty concerns.

"It started with the idea of using the most basic ingredients like oils, butters, dried flowers and plants" to heal her skin of dry patches, break outs, dehydration, and pigmentation issues. 

Sparking her first creation was the intoxicating tropical flavour, Tango. A mixture of Castor Oil, Mango Butter, Grapefruit Extracts and Vitamin E Oil, all basic ingredients but with high concentrations of healing power. Her dedication to perfecting each Tango flavoured product proved to be very beneficial to her skin and had long lasting results.

Now expanded to 4 uniquely created flavours and remedies, Mekisha is now ready to share her skin saviour with the world.

For Ever Beautiful