Treatment FAQ's

Q: Should I wash my face the same day of my treatment?

A: No, because my treatments are very ingredient active you may feel sensitive if you did another cleansing. In addition, we want the active ingredients to penetrate for as long as possible.

Q: I feel sensitive, what should I do?

A: Slight irritation may occur after our treatments, it should pass within an hour. If the irritation continues to persist, rinse your face with cool to cold water. And drink a liter of water to calm the body.

Q: Can I put makeup on after my treatment?

A: Depending on the treatment, you can put on a light complexion over the face on the same day of the treatment. I would not recommend a full face of makeup, mainly eye makeup. After 24 hours, you are welcome to wear makeup. 

Q: Can I use retinols right after the treatment?

A: I would recommend using retinols 2-3 times per week, depending on the strength of the retinol. Please apply your next application 2 days after your treatment date.

Q: I had a breakout after my treatment, why?

A: Bacteria and toxins sit within the pores under our skin, after treatments it’s normal for it to come to the surface a few hours/days later. This is perfect! Now, get to your mirror and extract them after you double cleanse in the night. A double cleanse will make it easier to get them out.

Q: Can I do a laser service or waxing service the same day of my treatment?

A: NO! Please ensure you book your facial treatment at least 3 days before your laser or waxing service. This will prepare your skin and help to reduce any sensitivity before your treatment. 

Q: When should I do a home facial versus a spa facial?

A: The general rule of thumb is to do spa facials 1-2 times per month, and home facials weekly. Stick to a schedule that’s easy to maintain and not over stimulate your skin.