Treatment Protocol

Online Booking Options:

Booking your treatment online is seamless and stress free, as you are able to book your treatments back to back over two months in order to maintain your self care journey with ease.


Please provide a minimum of 24 hours notice to rebooking your appointment. We know unexpected things happen, but there is a $20.00 per treatment cancellation fee if appointments are not rebooked. 


Since the recent Mask Mandate as of March 21/2022, masks are not mandatory to be worn in our facility. However, if a person chooses to wear a mask, that is their personal preference and will be respected. 

We ask that fresh/never before worn masks are worn after the performed treatment, in order to prevent the spread of bacteria from dirty/used masks. We recommend masks to be removed after the treatment, to allow skin to breathe and heal. 

Masks will not be worn in treatments. 

Sick/Illness Policy:

To prevent the spread of colds or flu, we ask that if you are experiencing any symptoms within 48 hours of your treatment, to kindly rebook for two weeks later. Please speak with us for further details.


Please dress comfortably, with thin strapped shirts, loose jogging pants or shorts (weather depending) and fresh clean socks. For body massage treatments, taking a shower in the morning is highly recommended in order for oil used in treatment to be easily absorbed into skin.

Food & Drinks Policy:

We respect the love of food and beverages, however please restrain from bringing outside food to your treatment! Light drinks & hot beverages are offered in our treatments in order to encourage the detoxification process of our treatments.

Facility Sanitation & Sterilization Policies & Procedures:

Our company practices optimal Health Standards. All furniture, surfaces, equipment and tools used in our treatments are sanitized and sterilized. Fresh linen will always be provided for our spa treatments.

We use Ontario Health regulated products, tools, and equipment.