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Meditation Classes

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1 Hour Session:

Take a journey of gaining clarity and clearing away heavy energies that cause you anxiety and stress. You are meant to live happy, balanced, and free to be who you truly are. This meditation class starts with a consultation to understand your blockages, challenges and what is creating looping patterns. Afterwhich, we go into a guided meditation to clear and re-establish your connection with your higher self. To close our session, we go over suggested action steps to set you up for the long term.

1.5 Hour Session:

Let’s dive deeper into what’s calling you to take action for attraction! Finding it hard to listen to your intuition should not be difficult but we have the solution. This session is all about helping you receive messages and advice from your higher self to propel you forward. Starting with a consultation to understand where you are currently, then we go into a guided meditation to clear away the old energies and open the channels of communication with your higher self. Once you are clear and open to receive, we will complete our session with a tarot reading and action steps to set you on the right path.