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VaLush Set

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The VaLush Set have arrived!

Feel your freshest, smoothest and most LUSHEST with our exclusive Intimate Body Care line of products meant only for your delicates. 

Our VaLush Set treats ingrowns, hyperpigmentation, dark spots, dryness, flakiness, pH level imbalances and skin irritations. 

Packaged with:

  • 2oz Moisturizing Oil
  • 4oz Refresher Mist 
  • 2oz Lush Rub
  • Bar Soap or Low-Foam Wash
  • Travel Bag

Treat your delicates with the LOVE and PASSION it is meant to experience! 

Customer Reviews

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Sabrina Sgandurra

I currently lead a very stressful life right now, and because of that, I had broken out into a stress rash all over my chest and up my neck. I tried so many different skin care options, and even started taking antihisthamines (topical and oral) to try to make it go away - nothing worked! I tried this valush set and after ONE USE the rash was completely gone! I now use most - if not all - of the set daily to keep my skin from ever reacting to stress again. While I should probably try to work on reducing my stress, this wonderful set keeps my stress from affecting my skin.