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3 Ways To Treat Eczema In Seasonal Changes

3 Ways To Treat Eczema In Seasonal Changes

Throughout the year, there are highs and lows for our skin. Like the cycle of life, we’ll go through the process of birthing and renewing to shedding and releasing. It happens all throughout the world, and within our bodies as well.

These cycles take place on a very microscopic level, and it’s best we stay in tune with these cycles in order to assist our body in removing toxic elements that prevent us from shedding and encouraging the building of new cells. 

 Like our counterparts, animals have a winter coat and shed them to expose their summer coats regularly. Our “winter coat” consists of extra weight and layers of old skin cells that pile up over the winter to protect us from the harsh climates and temperatures.


3 Ways To Prevent A Trigger

As the winter starts to die down and warmer temperatures start to introduce itself, our overall body temperature heats up, and the accumulated excess sugars that the body collected over the winter starts to create inflammation that leak into the skin, causing irritation and redness.

An internal cleanse is recommended to prevent triggers as it will alter the body's overall pH level and remove the excess sugars out of the blood.


1. Apple Cider Vinegar Cleanse Drinks

Many individuals suffer from SIBO, IBS, high flatulence (gas), skin irritations, flare ups and more can benefit from this high acidic liquid as it helps to adjust the body’s pH levels, by reducing the body’s ability to absorb glucose. By increasing the acid in the stomach the body can absorb the proper nutrients from food and be more resistant in absorbing sugars, which leads to the ease of removing more sugars from the blood and reducing inflammation.

Our recommendation:

Take one tablespoon of ACV and dilute it within a cup of room temperature water.


2. Sweat Early

The process of getting the body to sweat regularly helps to regulate hormones, remove toxins, and maintain the body’s longevity. Even while some individuals may suffer from excess sweat, it’s best to embrace this process in order to remove toxins from the body. If sweating is not easy or normal for you, try going to hot yoga, saunas, or wearing a sweat suit while working out. 

Our recommendation:

Sweating for a minimum of 15-30 minutes 3 times per week is recommended.


3. Fasting to Reset

As there is controversy lingering about the benefits of fasting, the evidence still remains clear that fasting helps metabolic activity, hormonal reset, and an auto-immune support. By doing intervals of fasting between 16, 24 or 36 hours, the body goes through a unique process called autophagy by which it lowers blood sugar, repairs stem cells, removes toxins, and reduces inflammation. The best part of fasting is there is no equipment, tools, locations, or even food needed to perform it.

Our recommendation:

Start slow and build your tolerance and experience by starting with a 16 hour fast.


There are many other ways to help your eczema prone skin in seasonal changes, however these 3 simple ways have long term benefits and are easy to add to your current daily life.

If you are experiencing triggers with your eczema, read our article on “How to treat Inflammation and Flare Ups”.  

We invite you to send us an email or comment below if you have questions or concerns about your skin and would like some guidance regarding your skin care concerns.


As always,

Your beauty starts with self-care.


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