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How To Treat Inflammation and Flare ups

How To Treat Inflammation and Flare ups

The red itchy, irritated, blistering bumps that show up out of nowhere are seaming to take over the world. I can first handedly attest to this experience many times over, especially when I was an early aged teen because I used to wake with cuts all over my body not understanding why or what was causing me to rip apart my skin while I was sleeping.

For many years, I was under the impression that I was born sensitive and that I would have to live my life with many limitations due to allergies, food sensitivities and eczema that many professionals couldn’t explain why or what was causing these flare ups. But after diving deep into my own research and developing Everbella over the years, I realized there is so much information from research that is not talked about or openly available to the public.


Industry Professional Actions

For decades, the healthcare industry has helped us treat many illnesses and cure many diseases. We've progressed in many ways, ways we can only imagine where it will evolve to in the next 5-10 years.

However, as the world relies on our health care professionals to provide us with the right advice and treatments to heal our skin concerns, unfortunately these resources are only masking the concerns and strictly treating the symptoms versus eradicating the root causes. 

Since the time when steroid treatments were introduced in the early 1950’s, there has been little to no major change to how eczema is being treated, except for the addition of systemic treatments and phototherapy, which also solely treat the symptoms.


The Root Cause

As there are many contributing factors to atopic dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis, they all point to commonalities, which must be treated with a birds eye view of holistically treating the root causes synergistically.

This means, understanding how we can combat the triggers, protect the skin and rebuild the moisture barrier by working our way through the inside to the outside simultaneously. We will have the ability to create our own self-care methods, understand our triggers and know how to prepare for seasonal or lifestyle changes smoothly and efficiently.

As we know AD, eczema or psoriasis is when the body is in a state of inflammation which then causes flare ups and irritation, so it’s best to know what causes inflammation in the body to reduce the chances of the cycle repeating itself! Here is a list below:

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Food
  • Environment
  • Occupation
  • Daily Products 



When you’re stressed, the body releases cortisol. Cortisol triggers your body to also release glucose and other chemicals, however having too much sugar in the bloodstream is what makes your body off balance. Unfortunately, if your body is in a constant state of low-grade stress, you will continue to produce chemicals that will maintain the inflammation throughout the body and cause other dis-eases.


With the increase of people experiencing high levels of SIBO and IBS, this has become a direct correlation to allergies, asthma and skin irritations.

As the food industry continues to create more and more artificial, complex particle, refined carbohydrates, pesticide filled food (especially boxed food), the more unrecognizable these “foods” are to our body. Thus making it harder for our body to break down these foods and remove any waste products. 

When our digestive tract is compromised from these artificial foods, the microbiome, that is meant to break down food into usable energy and remove the waste, can not perform in ways it's meant to and instead causes inflammation.


As we know global warming is a topic that is heavily discussed because it’s important to the sustenance of our world, however we forget our direct environment we spend the most amount of our days and nights in, are just as important.

If we look at our homes, and bedrooms that we sleep, cook, relax, and unwind in, can you assume it provides healthy and enriching air quality? Many of us live in a home that was built over 10 years ago, or buildings that were made over 50 years ago! And let's guess, that annoying call we get every little while about our “ducts needing to be cleaned” - we ignored it!

Well they aren’t wrong!

Debris, animal by-products, dust, mold, corrosion and random garbage collect in the vents of these buildings and infrastructure, and we breathe it all day!



No matter the type of activities you perform each day at work, there are a few things in particular you must pay attention to - exposure to water, liquid chemicals, and toxic energy or behaviour!

If you’re a cook, hair stylist, aesthetician, stay at home parent, your hands will constantly be exposed to water and even chemicals, which is of high concern because it is constantly breaking down your moisture barrier. Every time your skin is wet with or without added chemicals, this opens and softens the oil barrier of your skin, allowing these chemicals to penetrate and break down protein chains that maintain your skin’s oil balance.

Besides having moist hands, being in an environment that is negatively charged puts your energy body and mind in a constant state of low-grade stress.

Daily Products:

Many of the variety of household products such as dish soap, hand soap, clothing detergents, floor cleaners, and more, contain a lot of harsh chemicals that dry out and trigger inflammation in our skin. 

Product brands promise to kill and break down food particles and bacteria faster and more efficiently, because the general population appreciates cutting down wasted time on mundane things.

Unfortunately, many of these brands have not evolved their ingredients over the years and instead have become more toxic and harmful to our body while promising to be more powerful at killing bacteria.


As mentioned before, to eradicate the root cause of our skin concerns, we have to take a completely new approach that involves an internal and external course of action. It may seem too strenuous to many, but at what point should we wait to make these changes while we sacrifice our health for quick fixes.



It’s time to take inventory of what you put into your body: 

Are you consuming a variety of food groups?
Are you consuming high levels of sugar?
Are you experiencing stomach pains or body aches?
Are you consuming too much negativity?
Are you stressed about an area of your life?


Answer honestly and without judgment because this is the only way this is going to get better.

If you answered yes to most of these questions, it’s absolutely time to MAKE A CHANGE! 

I recommend seeking a professional in all areas of health and fitness, psychotherapy, dietitian, and naturotherapy, to help guide and mentor you through this process. 



It’s time to switch out the chemical laden for the all natural, fragrance free products. Step by step, remove the products that are causing your skin to feel extremely dry after use. Especially your hand soaps and clothing detergents, these products are filled with a lot of synthetic fragrances and harsh cleaning detergents that in the long term hurt your skin. 

Next, start using gloves or applicators to prevent your skin from being exposed to heavy ingredients. Skin care products are a common contributor to hand and finger inflammation because of the active ingredients they contain such as retin A, glycolic acid, salicylic acid, arbutin, kojic acid and more. 

Lastly, maintain your skin barrier by using creams, butters and oils. Throughout the day, apply your products to keep up the barrier and prevent any chemical penetration. 

We invite you to send us an email or comment below if you have questions or concerns about your skin and would like some guidance regarding your skin care concerns.


As always,

Your beauty starts with self-care.


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