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Mental Health's Impact on Skin

Mental Health's Impact on Skin

This may be the answer you’ve been looking for that is the key to solving your skin issues… Your Mental and Emotional Wellbeing.

We often don’t talk enough about the impact that anxiety and stress has on our bodies. Experiencing challenges in life that make us feel anxious or cause stress have the ability to cause physical symptoms, ailments, and disease over time — skin troubles included. 

It’s empowering to know about this because upon working through and addressing what’s causing the anxiety and stress, we have the potential to help improve our physical wellbeing also. This is helpful especially in cases where you have already eliminated the possibility of your skin issues being due to diet, environmental, hormones, or allergies. 


I want you to think of it like this...

Imagine a can of pop. If it’s shaken repeatedly and then opened, it will explode. We are similar as humans. As we go throughout life, we experience many challenging things. Over the years, often the energy and emotion of those experiences get shoved down (suppressed) so that we can survive and keep moving forward in life. But all of that energy doesn’t go away. It has to go somewhere. This energy can show up as mental health issues like anxiety and depression, as well as physical ailments, including skin issues. 

When we are stressed or anxious, the body pumps out hormones like cortisol and adrenaline. These hormones can impact different parts of the body, including our skin. This may show up as psoriasis, eczema, acne or other skin conditions. Studies show that these stress hormones can interact with the nerve cells in our skin, making them flare up in different ways or cause an itchy feeling that people with anxiety often experience.

To make matters more complex, navigating anxiety and challenging times can cause some to seek comfort in food. Certain comfort food choices can lead to acne, as well as other skin challenges due to allergies or intolerances. 


But, let’s take this a little bit deeper and look at skin conditions from a more spiritual perspective. 

If your skin issues are causing irritation, it can be helpful to reflect on: is there something irritating you in your life? This could be related to something being delayed or having impatience over a situation in your life.

Further, skin conditions can be a signal to notice if you feel you’re reacting strongly to something that’s out of proportion to the reality of the situation that’s occurring. On this topic, I believe that nothing is an over-reaction, only a reaction to something painful from our past— so be gentle with yourself with this one. Additionally, it can be helpful to reflect on if you’re feeling “allergic” to someone or something around you. 

To get even more specific, it’s helpful to know which area of the body the skin conditions are occurring, which can help us to better understand what may be going on emotionally. 


It is believed that we all have seven Chakra Centres, as first discovered in Hindu texts.

These Chakra centres include our: root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and crown, which all have different meanings and are connected to different imbalances of the body. When we look at skin conditions and link it to the closest chakra, we can understand a bit better what may be occurring emotionally for the person. For instance, if there is a rash on the chest near the heart chakra, we could inquire if the person has been navigating grief and holding some unresolved emotions there that are ready to be released and in doing so, the rash may subside. 

To wrap things up, becoming aware of our unresolved emotions, stressors and anxieties is a huge piece that can help in solving skin issues. So, if you’ve ruled out all other causes of your skin troubles — give this a try. Navigating our emotions is not always the easy route but when done bit by bit with compassion, we can experience huge transformation in our body, mind, and spirit.


With Gratitude,


Journey with Jamie Grace

Anxiety Mentor, Energy Healer



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